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Volumatic’s CashView software acts as an interface between the CounterCache intelligent (CCi) and the retailer to allow immediate access to cash data for analysis and reporting. CashView constantly interrogates connected CCi devices in order to draw out data and present it back to the retailer in near real time. This data spans from individual transactions to immediate estate-wide cash reconciliation, whilst bringing forgery rejections and suspicious use of any connected device to the user’s attention.

The software combines the cash counting process and all associated administrative tasks into one and reports back to the user in near real time. CashView also offers retailers complete control over their CCi devices, allowing a retailer to configure any device remotely and bespoke its performance according to their needs.


  • Access to all CCi data for up to 300 devices.
  • Cash analysis and reporting.
  • Individual CCi through to estate-wide management.
  • Complete CCi configuration and control.


Current release version: R1.6.2


Applies to
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  • Intel/AMD i386 Processor 1.5GHz minimum (Dual core Intel/AMD 2GHz CPU recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP3 / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 (32- and 64-bit editions are supported)
  • For Windows Server installations: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 / Windows Server 2008 or higher
  • 1GB RAM minimum (2GB RAM recommended)
  • 4GB minimum free disk space
  • 100Mbit LAN connection (1Gbit LAN recommended)